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Here at Eat Vietnam, we are passionate about giving back. So far, we have been able to support a care home for disabled veterans (Vietnam war Disabilities care home), and Quy Nuon hospital in Bin Dinh, where your tips feed patients and their families.
Since 2020, our team at Eat Vietnam has been working hard to raise funds for charity work in the local Vietnamese community. With your kind donations, we have managed to raise over £3000 and put that money towards much-needed projects in the area. We would like to thank all of our Customers, Family and close friends for their generosity – it means a lot to us and the people we are helping.

Your tips donation in 2019 has raised £3000 and Eat Vietnam team went and used the donation on to fund charity work in the local Vietnamese community.

2018, we managed to raise £1000 for a charity In Vietnam to help support the old generations and a orphanage.
Thank you for your great generosity - you’ve made a huge difference to people’s lives! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Charity Work Vietnam

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